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Joan Bazaz
4604 14th Ave. NW
Seattle , WA 98107

I begin with a simple line drawing of a plant from my garden, perhaps young Epimedium leaves, crinkled Witch Hazel blossoms, or umbels of Yellow Twig Dogwood. I am drawn to the edges of the seasons--early spring, when emerging blossoms start to open, and late fall, when decaying seed pods curl and reveal hidden color, and plant structure dominates over foliage.

In my studio, I translate the pencil lines into different gauges of copper, brass and silver wire and cut sheet metal. I bend, flatten and fold the metal to recreate the contours captured in my drawing, then carefully place each fragment of wire onto a bed of crushed glass. I cover the wire image with a sheet of glass, and fire the assembly in a kiln to 1400 degrees F., smoothing the crushed glass surface and permanently adhering the wire between the layers.

After a heating and cooling cycle of several hours, the glass panel is framed, backlit in a lamp or installed in a window.

red_orrange rhody
herb dogwood
winterberries underwater

Exhibit of Botanical Drawings
February 7 - 28, 2013

Please join me at the Miller Library located in the UW Botanic Gardens on February 7th from 5 to 7 pm for an opening reception.         

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